Inclusive Campus in Edolo

From 5-10th July 2015, the Centro Imparole (Cernusco s. Naviglio) organised an inclusive summer camp in the mountains of Northern Italy, with 15 families of children with intellectual disability (among them a few with CISN), siblings, volunteers, and staff of the Centro Imparole and of Enablin+, totalling 80 people. Being together during a week offered many wonderful opportunities for formal and informal learning: while eating, playing, dancing, telling stories, doing ball games, etc., we learnt a million of things. Children e.g. learned to communicate, to sit, to eat, to focus, to listen, to feel, to understand concepts, to behave properly, to restrain impulsivity, to wait, to see cause and effect, etc..

For example, during the visit to a farm, the children made a candle from bee wax. Parents learn to take time, to approach, to react adequately, in short: they learn to mediate. Therapists learn to deal with a child in daily situations. They experience daily life offers more than therapy. Everyone learned, children, parents, siblings and professionals. It was a real learning community. In the morning, children had sessions is small groups, led by the Centre’s therapists, while the parents learned about “how to mediate their children” in various developmental situations, all experience-based and very practical, e.g. “what do I do when my child starts screaming”. In the afternoon,we went out, e.g. to a swimming pool, visiting a farm and seeing the process from milking cows to making cheese, or from bees to honey; or just picking wild strawberries. Above all, the real miracle was the appearance of sparks of joy – in the children, as well as in parents. More information:


Physiotherapist Claudio doing multisensory storytelling at Imparole’s summer camp.


Making a candle from bee wax, during the farm visit at Imparole Summer Camp (Edolo 2015) creates a million learning opportunities: look, wait, learn the words “wax”, “bee”, candle”, “hot”, “melt”, “light”, “burn”, “mould”, “shape”,…; make a connection between bees and wax, candle and light, etc. And above all: it is fun! Also very interesting experience for the team: this girl’s problem is a terrible impulsivity, grabbing everything around her what comes in her reach; yet, giving meaning to the stimulus and activity, she is able to control her impulsivity.