July 4th to 19th: Marina Rodocanachi, Nuccia Viganò and Valentina Gestra from Vismara team realized the third part of the cooperation project “Sitting at their place”.

A training course on cerebral palsy with practical session to teach how to build postural seats in low cost material for children with severe motor disability was realized at the presence of 36 young physiotherapist or students in physiotherapy in the last year of their studies coming from the two local Universities of Medical Sciences.


Mallikkamba Institute for disabled children: Nuccia Viganò playng with Dicksith, a tetraparetic child, at the presence of indian physiotherapy students after having built a plaster postural seat.


End of the course: our Indian students


Mallikamba Institute for disabled children: Valentina Gestra with Say and Say, two cerebral palsy children, after realization of a plaster seat at the presence of indian physiotherapists.