Train the Trainer Course (22-23/09/2016)


Abstract book (English)

Booklet with programme and abstractsof an International course on Enabling Quality of Life, open to public participation of trainers of professionals and parents from all disciplines, which was held at the Don Gnocchi Foundation in Milan 22-23 September 2016.

Abstract book (Italiano)

Libro con il programma e gli abstract di un corso internazionale, di professionisti e genitori che lavorano con bambini con disabilità multiple, tenuto nella Fondazione Don Gnocchi a S.M. Nascente di Milano, 22-23 Settembre 2016

Conference 24/09/2016

Abstract book (English)

Abstract book and programme of the international conference on the Training of Professionals and parents of children with very complex and intensive support needs, open to public participation of trainers of professionals and parents from all disciplines, which was held at the Bicocca University in Milan on September 24 2016

Abstract book (Italiano)

Libro con programma & abstracts della Conferenza sulla formazione di professionisti e therapisti ( Genitori) di bambini con disabilità multiple, tenuto nell’ Università Bicocca di Milano, 24 Sett. 2009

ENABILITY. Enabling Quality of Life in Young People with Multiple Disabilities and Complex and Intense Support Needs: Concepts & good practices

This is the summary of the training handbook, a compilation of more theoretical texts & project experiences in a book about 300 pages. It is destined to accompany the interprofessional training developed by the Enablin+ project group. It contains the most important results of the Enablin+ project based on research reports, articles, project descriptions, results of try outs. It is meant to be used by those who are responsible for training the various professionals working in the field of children and youngsters with complex and intensive support needs – educators, auxiliaries, teachers, therapists, volunteers, parents.

Enabling Activity and Participation. Supporting Young People with Complex and Intense Support Needs. Process book and DVD

This book is meant to accompany the training process of the trainer as well as the trainee. The book contains a suggested programme and working methods of the common core training programme based on quality of life. The attached DVD contains 13 examples of good practice, which illustrate various initiatives towardsmore inclusive participation and involvement in activities for the children.The videos are introduced in the book, and accompanied by reflective questions for the trainees, as well as background information regarding the examples of good practice. There are also introductory texts about the new paradigms which form the basis of the project: inclusion, quality of life, support paradigm, interprofessional teamwork, activation and (inclusive) education. A paper version of the book and DVD can be ordered via www.enablinplus.eu/contact


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